Puerto Rico

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USA team made up of two riders from Florida and two national riders, me as support and the coach. The guy standing next to me still lives in Miami. Coach is deceased from some rare blood disorder. Coach shocked me one night in Dominican Rep. (at another int’l race) by reaching over rubbing and touching me in the middle of the night. I was sure he was dreaming about his wife and I moved closer to the edge of the bed we were both sleeping in. There were three of us sleeping in that room. The host cycling organization of the Dominican Rep. often housed us in a room for 3-4 people and put two people in a queen size bed more than a few times. Well, he wasn’t thinking about his wife, he was thinking about me and after returning home to Miami told me so and that he thought I was expecting that from him. Well, I wasn’t! I did like him and knew he liked me as we had a good relationship from our involvement with cycling. After that trip, he visited me a number of times but, what always threw me off about him was his seeming Cuban macho attitude. It was an attitude of machismo that is very pervasive throughout the Caribbean (and men in general). Anyway, he was a good friend and will be missed.

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  1. vaneramos says:

    I even remember my father expressing bewilderment about machismo. He is not (and was never) a “How ’bout them Jays?” kind of guy. He once wondered aloud to me about how to get along with his brother-in-law and the men Mom’s four sisters married, several of whom were male chauvanists.

    I can probably thank Dad that I’m attracted to creativity and intelligence, rather than a charicature of butchness.

  2. livingasart says:


    thank you for the ADD (i’ve been meaning to say!) –both here and on FLICKR! I TRULY DO LIKE YOUR WORK!

    thanks also for taking the poll — please do feel free to leave answers in the comment section or you can e-mail them to me— livingasart@gmail.com !

    i’m REALLY excited to here some of your answers! take care and thanks AGAIN — g!