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This excites me.

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  1. niyabinghi says:

    Heh 🙂 My son and I are too.

    We spent last May-December catching up on all the prior seasons on DVD.

    Watching the series while it airs on the network I notice is different; while commercials normally annoy me, in this case I’ve found they are a much needed relief from the tension. Watching the commercial-less DVD from start to finish leaves one all tensed up at the end!

    (Am furious they killed off David Palmer though. Bah!)

  2. prom says:

    keifer sutherland, yummmm..

  3. admin says:

    I think the recently appointed head guy is sexy. I love the way he pouts his lips when he gets angry. However, if I knew him in person I’d very likely tell him that he might boss around the people he works with but, I ain’t going for it.