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Although my original idea wasn’t to make a t-sheet image, this one is the best one I’ve made, in my opinion. It has the elements I like: flat color areas, linework to define areas of color, and many areas of complexity balanced with areas of ‘negative space.’ And, of course, colors that I like. Since I saved a larger version it’s possible to actually make a t-shirt from it although, I’m not a celeb by any stretch of ones imagination.

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  1. mhkrabat says:

    Yeah! Great effect!

  2. cbertsch says:

    I like them all, but the hand makes this one my favorite thus far. I may follow your lead if I ever get Photoshop to work again.

  3. that little bit of orange is really pleasing, too.

  4. vernnyc says:

    It’s cool … bordering on Peter Max-ish

  5. admin says:

    I guess so in a very oblique way. I think his work has changed somewhat from the work you’re thinking about. He was showing with a friend of mine’s gallery in Atlanta:

  6. prom says:

    i’m reminded a bit of paint-by-numbers via this image.

    very, very nice – again!