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I’m finally liking to use Photoshop, with a capital “P,” to manipulate some digital images. It came to me in a dream as to what I should do to get the effect I wanted. Now, I’m just exploring the possibilities. I’m excited about some new photographic possibilities.

p.s. Please, excuse my self-indulgence in using my own image for raw material. I’m not that vain that I want to see myself this much.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    it’s really very very nice
    all sorts of interesting wisdom lines here
    I’ve been playing around with what picasa can do
    must be something about the cabin fever?
    look forward to seeing more of your explorations

  2. mhkrabat says:

    I think this one would be great as the cover of your next new CD!

  3. velvetink says:

    That is excellent! Great effect there – I haven’t discovered how to do that yet in photoshop – never seem to have enough time lately.. AND Vain or not you’re really rather handsome! 🙂

  4. admin says:

    As I was looking at the variations I was creating I was getting something close to the off-registration serigraphs (silkscreen prints) that Warhol was so famous for. This one is slighly off-registration.

  5. naylandblake says:

    Don’t apologize! I’ve been very glad to see these self portraits…

  6. Anonymous says:

    Well, you know, I see myself every single day so… Anyway, I printed this image out and it’s a bit darker than here online. I like it just that bit darker.

  7. admin says:

    I’ve only used two filters: cutout and find edges. There are two layers with varying amounts of transparency and maybe a bit of color adjustment and levels. It’s really a lot more simple to do than I thought.

  8. prom says:

    wow – i REALLY like this one the best – brava!

    i’m more than happy to see your image every day, too. :o)

  9. admin says:

    I was informed today that the image looks a lot closer to the work of Todd Walker. It’s true but, I don’t have nice thoughts about him because he was so rude to me for no reason. Even though I found out many years later that he had a reputation for being rude and having an oversized ego, I don’t have much nice to say about him except for his early use of photo chemistry to produce an image similar to this was pretty avant garde. Of course, the avant garde as a notion has died off.