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Just home from gallery openings. There have been openings on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. I still have some writing from last week to complete. This weekend’s openings will go into a big two part wrap-up instead of trying to cover so much individual shows. There have been about twenty gallery visits done this week easy.

p.s. I think I look very young here but, I never had a goatee then. And, the facial hair I had then was very thin patchy. I didn’t start shaving regularly until I was almost 30 yrs. old.

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  1. niyabinghi says:

    Ooooooh; there is something a bit Maynard G. Krebs feeling about this one. How fun! 🙂

  2. prom says:

    the background reminds me of the linoleum in the den where we played as kids. the colors in your image are calming, to me. i like it!

    i’m confused here – is this a photo or a drawing?

    ps – i like your new icon – are you eating something?

  3. admin says:

    New icon, yes, I was eating a piece of raw carrot. The images are from my selfpic series that I stopped doing. They have been photoshopped to get that line on the edges to look more like drawings. I need to do more of it to get the kind of result I’m seeking. So far, I’m not there yet.