New SF Bay Bridge

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Portraits from the Field
James E. McCambridge
Union/Position: Ironworkers Local 378
Company/Agency: Rebar Post-tensioning Service (R.P.S.)
Job Site: Weldment 2, Yerba Buena Island

Still building the new SF Bay Bridge. His lips are very nice to stare at.

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  1. Wow, incredible man. But that grid in the background is pretty amazing too.

  2. kdotdammit says:

    That was my dad’s union. Still is actually because he gets all his benefits from the union. My grandfather and great grandfather helped build the original Bay Bridge as part of WPA.

  3. bigredpaul says:

    I can hear the naughty thoughts you’re thinking, all the way across the country.

  4. admin says:

    Why, Paul! tsk, tsk, tsk! 😉

  5. whiskerfish says:

    Is this from his bear411 profile?

  6. admin says:

    Well, my friend, I honestly don’t know if he’s into guys. This was an official portrait taken by the bridge authority. There are some other hot no, hawt, men I’ve seen there. I posted some long time ago. One Terrel Akin is a man I would follow to the ends of the earth… just on how he’s got me all tensed and ready to make him my king. Well, you know, within reason. The days of me actually pursuing men like that have waned… for the most part.

  7. prom says:

    his lips are yuuuummy – i would include a mouth, teeth and tongue inspection as well. so many parts to explore…and examine. *sigh*

    i agree with bill re: amazing background.

    very nice shot!

    oh dear god he’s all sweaty, too – mmmmmm..

  8. Anonymous says:

    i like this one best too.