Chef… that would be me.

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Yesterday, one of my roommates asked me if I wanted something from the store. I said yes and, asked him to buy me some espresso ground coffee and natural sugar. Then, things got interesting as my other roommates started talking about their poor diets (lots of pizza and delivered Chinese & Japanese). Eventually, the conversation got around to me and hearing what has become a usual for me, “Whatever you were cooking sure smelled good.” So, I’ve been nominated to cook, which I don’t mind if I have the time. So, we put together a list and today I cooked: chicken & rice, brocoli, baby carrots, salad, and I had some leftovers from yesterday. They’ll enjoy it. I just don’t know if I made enough for any leftovers so that I don’t have to think about cooking tomorrow. I ain’t married to any of ’em. *wink*

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  1. Yummy

    Come cook for me!!! NO BROCCOLI THOUGH.

  2. admin says:

    Re: Yummy

    Sure, I’d love to cook something for you. :-))

  3. Re: Yummy

    LOL. You filthy boy!

  4. admin says:

    Re: Yummy

    Did I say something filthy? I think not. Just for that I might have to make you something special you’re sure to love. *licks*