Decision… made.

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I got my brake pads replace this morning at my favorite repair shop. The owner and son are both VERY generous, kind, helpful, and very, very handsome and sexy. Okay, enough of that…

I decided to move with all the straight guys. They are good guys, mellow, hard workers, and best of all, Paul said he preferred me to move in to anyone else off the street, since he had placed an ad in the paper. Anyway, the location is very often wrought with traffic problems since it is right downtown Ft. Lauderdale on the water. The house is a five bedroom place with high ceilings.

Don’t ask how many computers are in the house because I’m sure that there are about 10 so far. It’s like a factory, literally. Paul hosts a number of websites, and some of the roommates work on building them. One guy is the “company” computer repair guy that goes on call. It’s quite an operation. The only thing that worries me is that I’ve never paid as much for rent as now. However, I won’t have an electric bill and I’ll probably get rid of my current phone and get a cell phone instead. I’m not sure that’s saving me much money but, at least I’ll have hot water for bathing. (When it gets THAT cold, I just warm up some. Easy.) Yeah, that’s something that I have not had on a steady basis since taking on the lifestyle of warehouse living. It’s okay for the most part because it doesn’t get that cold here and in the summer, cool water is good!

Now, comes the hard part. Actually moving. I’m off for spring break so, I’ll be able to concentrate on packing (although much is already in boxes). I’ll get rid of my extra microwave but, I’ll keep my fridge. We need it with 5 people now. And, I’ll have a real kitchen to cook in. I’ll be able to do some real baking.

So much to do… changing po boxes too…

One thing I think will be a definite advantage, having a group of knowledgeable guy to solve various web design problems. Now, I have no fear taking on a web design job, big or small. They know CMS and PHP and we can get it done.

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  1. velvetink says:

    Yay! for finding a new home. It sounds like it might be fun and useful to be in a large shared household for a change and you definatly can’t knock back the hot water, that is a plus. Know you have been looking some time now. Must be a relief. Good luck packing and unpacking 🙂