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I’m not there yet. I haven’t finished moving. I had to move more slowly than I wanted or, need to, because of the expense. I got paid last Friday and was able to continue with the task. Of course, I’m trying to sort stuff at the old place because bring all of it to the new place doesn’t make sense.

I’m starting to get back to as well. That is a huge project and all it takes is one little disruption to stop new content from making it to the site. I do get lots of emails that are for the calendar that got reduced in quantity today. I haven’t been going to the gallery openings because I wanted to finish moving and with gas prices so high, I couldn’t do both. Besides, priorities have to be set.

I now have a wireless connection at home. I’m okay with it but, it could be a lot better. I don’t like getting dropped so much and, the slowness of the connection at times. I couldn’t access my email this morning, again. This time I got a browser window requesting me to log into comcast. I’ll have to talk to my roommate when I get home to find out what that’s all about. I’m not sure which wireless connection is his of the several I seem to have access to. The secured networks are not his I know.

Oh, I started this post because it’s about time for me to start doing some creating. I now have a bit of space to work on art again. That gives me a huge sigh of relief AND, my roommate loves art so he’s ready for some more art to go up on the walls.

Jeeze, I also forgot to mention that I now have a ceramic artist’s work (raku with fresh water pearls) that is for sale on Miami Art Exchange. I put it online yesterday and got an inquiry and a sale already. I need more of this as well as some affordable art (works-on-paper, photos, and small objects).

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  1. When you say “affordable” what does that mean for an 8 * 10?

  2. admin says:

    If you’re talking about your own work, you set your own price. Printing processes dictate the cost I apply to a photograph. Lamba prints are more than injet prints, for instance. But, I think affordable art in general is under $2000.00 USD. When I did my informal and anonymous art collecting survey, most people seemed to agree with that price range.

  3. evolve_elf says:

    hi, i was just wondering if i could add your journal to my friends list?
    have a wondrous day of creation!!!!!!

  4. admin says:

    of course. thanks.