Is it daylight?

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I wish I had something good to say right now. I don’t. Things in this life are looking very bleak. *sigh* I wish I could see some end to my current situation but, the only end I see is worse than the current situation.

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  1. kdotdammit says:

    I’m sorry to hear that. I hope things turn for the better for you. You sure deserve good things to come your way.

  2. cbertsch says:

    I wish I could help. There’s so much badness all around right now that it’s overwhelming. But your struggles are specific and immediate in a way that pains me. Your art is wonderful, but art doesn’t pay the bills.

  3. bigredpaul says:

    Hang in there, beautiful! I know that good things are coming your way

  4. zhenzhi says:

    i’m sorry to hear this. *hugs and hugs*
    hope it gets better somehow. xoxo

  5. Sorry it all sucks. I hope it turns around for you real soon.

  6. admin says:

    Thanks. I haven’t been promoting much art because it takes money to produce it so, galleries and museums want current work, which I have little of. Where’s my parton? Ha, that’s a joke. It’s always been, “Oh, I love your work.” But, rarely is any bought. Agents/ dealers take 50% for their work but, somehow I’ve never fit their profile. Wrong from the beginning. Black artists struggled, I took a 12 yr. hiatus because I just got sick of the struggle. Now, I’m probably too old. I know I’m too poor. 🙂

  7. admin says:

    Thanks. Mentally, I’m okay. So far.