Return of the Future…

On March 29, 2006, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Three years ago I had a cell phone. Today, the future of telecommunications as returned. I again have a cell phone. My land line will soon be totally gone although as of this morning it was still connected and working. I had to check my old po box and stopped by the old place to pick up a few things and check phone messages (all left by people I don’t care to talk to at the moment).

I’m now even more wireless than ever. My phone, LG VX7000, has wireless web (I wanted), and a camera and video (which isn’t a need from my perspective but, could be fun nonetheless). My email was setup to my email, which up to this point has been a dumping ground for unwanted stuff although it doesn’t get much email. Praise the gods! Most of my junk email goes to my domain emails: I wish I could just make it all disappear. The bulk of that spam email has changed from breast augmentation and penis enlargement and impotence drugs to mortgage loans and stock market investing. Am I missing out on some trend?

Anyway, I’m happy with my new phone so far and, finally, I can get back in touch with people I need to. I wonder how I’ll keep the cost down talking to my niece for an hour? I might have to use a calling card or something. I’ll figure it out. I need to call her today.

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