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I was checking email and saw an interview with this guy from that had some images along the sidebar when I had a revelation. I’m not one to do “wild” Photoshop stuff but, what I saw was inspired by what you see here. He worked with Illustrator, which I don’t do very often. I should know it better but, I just don’t seem to find that much need for it. Actually, now I’m in a position to learn more backend web stuff (PHP) and, that is more beneficial to me since I actually have some web design clients and no graphic design or print design clients. The good thing about my new residence, since I actually slept there last night, is that there is a team of people for supporting each other. I’ve been missing that most of my life. Paul is a really good teacher too. Maybe he wouldn’t work out in a classroom but, he’s good at guiding one through the learning process.

Anyway, back to sorting and packing. When I’m in the studio I say, “I need this. I need that.” But, when I get to the house I say, “I don’t need to bring this or that.” The space constraints are eating at me. But you know, thinking about what happened to people in New Orleans, I cannot, repeat, CANNOT, be so attached to material things that I should desire to keep them forever as if their value is somehow tied up in who I am. It’s not easy in some cases because I have things from my childhood and things I’ve collected over the years that mean a lot to me. Memories. These objects are like memory devices that remind me of important events and people. Time to look to the future though.


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