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I got up, gathered up a few item and put ’em on a table out front with a sign. Not much traffic around here on the weekends but, I thought I would sell more than I did. My friend I used to work with is gonna put all my used bike parts on his eBay pages. Since he’s already selling bike stuff it makes sense to do that. Maybe I can get a collector to buy some of the older parts I have that have never been used. I need to do the same for some other items I have that will get better prices online.

I did more sorting than packing. I gave my friend’s wife two medicinal herb books in Spanish. I have little collections of herbal & health related books, languages (Spanish, Yoruba, Arabic), African and African American literature, cycling, art (lots), theory and ideas, anthropology/ ethnology, photography, and many exhibition catalogues. Some of the books are out of print and therefore, rare. I don’t like hauling so many of them around so, I’ll deacquisition some of them. Art magazines I got rid of long ago because those articles are easily found online these days, thank goodness.

Yesterday, when I took my first batch of books to the new place, I thought, “My gawd, how am I going to fit all my stuff into this tiny space?” Of course, the kitchen and bathroom stuff will go in its place but, I have so much art making stuff. You know, art is a materials handling and construction business. I’ll have to use the small storage area off my room to house stuff too. Art work? Paul already asked me where it is and when it was going to get installed. He’s very supportive but, hasn’t seen much of my art yet.

I feel at home there even though I haven’t physically moved into the house. Paul is talking about things like integrating me into his web design & hosting business by suggesting a potential client for me to talk to since he wants more art oriented business. I’d love to do that. However, from my perspective, that means I have a team to work with, something I’ve never really had before and sorely needed at times.

I was also thinking about the possibility of entertaining again. Gawd, I’m surprised people still invite me out when I don’t return the invite. I have no space for such here but, the house has a nice small yard and a wood deck. I’m ready for giving something back to my friends… once I’m settled, of course.

Okay, back to the boxes…

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  1. prom says:

    is there a link to any of the items you’re selling? i’d gladly pre-pay shipping, too. thanks.

    still sending much positive energy your way.


  2. admin says:

    I will have some books & music listed soon. I have a large segment of the Sony Classics Royal Edition, several with multiple CDs. With other stuff I’m still gathering it all.

  3. hucklbryfrnd says:

    I hear what your sayin about all the art stuff. I was lucky I got to move to a bigger place that even had a basement.

    I like your website.

  4. admin says:

    Thanks. I still have some big stuff to move… I’m feeling about guilty about it too.