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Just when you think things are going well, a monkey wrench always seems to find its way into the works. That’s what happened to me yesterday. I was back on track to finish up my move and my car’s engine light came on after a strange jerking while driving about 30-35 mph. I wasn’t a bad feeling, the jerking that is, but, I didn’t like it and then, the light came on. I’ve already stopped to see my handsome mechanic(s) about a tuneup, which I know I need. Maybe that will clear up this problem. But, I don’t want to drive much in order to not cause more expensive of a problem… if possible.

Drawing’s Resurgence

“Drawing is the oldest way of making art. It’s also the most current. And just as the mainstream emergence of video and photography characterised the 1990s, so the present revival of interest in line may well come to define the present decade. Contemporary art is being transformed by a resurgence of drawing – as seen in the world’s leading galleries, art fairs and biennials. At the same time, drawing is being transformed by contemporary art.” [By Gabriel Coxhead – Financial Times – March 24 2006]

I have noticed a resurgence in drawing but, I have always liked drawing for some of the reasons outlined in this recently published article.

“[T]he most profound effect of the resurgence of interest in line has been a shift away from this notion that drawing is a preliminary stage, used only to develop ideas for a final piece in a different medium.”

Using drawings are exploratory tools has been a way to see how artists develop ideas. If drawings now take on the importance of a finished work then it would seem that drawings that are incomplete or “failed” would seem to never see the light of day. That is something that bothers me because even failed drawings often have something worth looking at. Not always, of course. Read more…

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  1. Ya know, I totally agree. Back in the 80’s I remember there was a style of illustrating where the “main” part was fully rendered but it faded off into line or impression.

    One of my favorite pieces was one I did back in ’94. I never finished it but I kind of like it that way.

  2. vaneramos says:

    This comes as another little nudge to get me drawing again. It’s time.

  3. admin says:

    And, when are you gonna show me some new drawing(s)? Please!

  4. admin says:

    Yes, you should. Me too but, I’ve been busy moving.

  5. I started two new drawings, but never got any further than starting. One of them is lifesize and I was thinking about using prismacolors on it, but I’ve been in a rut the last year so I keep finding other priorities. I know, excuses excuses. :-/

    I promised Charles one even, and I haven’t even started it…