Moving finalé

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Today has to be my finalé to the movning process. I dread it but, it has to get finished eventually, right? *sigh* I have to get a friend to help me take my a/c unit out from above the entrance door and move the last of my large photo lightboxes.

Anyway, as I was packing up stuff yesterday I found a broken seedpod on the floor. I have collected many objects that never get photographed but this was really nice.

another seedpod study

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  1. niyabinghi says:

    Oh my stars, so beautiful.

    Best wishes on the moving process!

  2. ruralrob says:

    That’s a lovely photo.

  3. velvetink says:

    Beautiful pod! Looks very like a banksia of some kind! & good luck packing – amazing the things that you find!

  4. So is it a Banksia? it’s beautiful whatever it is. I love the colour harmonies in this piece.

  5. admin says:

    Sorry, no time at the moment to figure out what it is. My help didn’t happen on Sunday and I was supposed to be finished. I still have some large stuff to be moved. 🙁

  6. prom says:

    this is beautiful!

    the colors even match your icon!

    very nice photo!