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Now that I’ve moved I’ve turned a busy leaf. I have new web design clients (of my own finding) and new clients from my roommate. He’s giving me more work and for that I’m very pleased. Here are two of the new sites I’ve been involved with over the past two weeks:

Nationwide Computer Repair
Miami Web Design Group

I haven’t felt better about my present and future in a good while. Of course, there is still a lot of frustration in my life but, becoming integrated into the “geek” lifestyle is interesting. I’m even learning more about computers, as if I really need to have my head filled with more of that stuff.

Anyway, the house now has a fifth person living here including, a sweet golden retreiver. The dog is nice but, he’s now shedding like crazy. I can’t eat with dog hairs near my plate. I don’t like that but, I just clean and sweep because the dog is a sweety. The owner, on the other hand, seems less likeable. He talks parties and partying way too much for my taste. It has nothing to do with age; I’ve never been a party person.

Anyway, I’ve decided to save myself from being the “house mother” that I was just gonna take over the kitchen. I’ll keep it clean, enough to cook and eat for myself, and just throw stuff out, and put all dirty dishes in the dish washer. I will NOT however, turn on the dish washer because I cook, I clean up behind myself, I put my dishes and pans away after every meal. It’s called respect for others using the kitchen, unlike how things have been. I won’t get on people, I’ll just do it my way. Period.

And then, there’s the bathroom. Gawd! Guys personal hygiene REALLY lacks something. Somebody has some issues with the Hersey squirts but, you would think they would clean the toilet bowl afterwards. NO. It’s left for the next person like you’re in some public urinal at the side of a highway. So, Mother Jide cleans it so that “I” can take a dump in mental comfort. Jeeze… are these men adults??? Or, do ALL men do that??? Most men, I should say. I damn well I wouldn’t leave the toilet like that for somebody else to come behind me AT HOME… even if I was in bed sick! *sigh*

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  1. jawnbc says:

    Working backwards from your post:

    1. Yeah, guys are like that until they live with someone who retrains them. If you can be, uh, arsed. I take the path of quiet moral superiority…less frustrating.

    2. good plan (see #1)

    3. [I got nuthin’]

    4. I’m pleased for you–it’s been rough going for a while now.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks babe… we haven’t commented much on each other’s LJ in a good while. I feel kind of out of your loop anymore. But, I will not make a big deal out of cleaning around here because they’ll recognize what’s going on without being beat over the head about it. Take my last 45 min. There is a party planned for tomorrow. One of the guys came home with stuff from the store. In order to get it in the fridge, things had to be rearranged. But, theirs was GROSS. Dried up spills, growing stuff on the bottom. I have seen worse but, not where I lived, ever. I told ’em to stop. I emptied everything from the fridge, shelves included and cleaned the entire thing. I feel better and they know what just happened. We have two fridges and now both are clean. 🙂

  3. niyabinghi says:

    Oy….. just be careful they don’t take advantage of you and you find yourself being the housemaid!

  4. admin says:

    No, I ain’t gonna get trapped into that. I’ll get it worked out so that I have control over what’s important to me, the kitchen. Let them order pizza and eat at McDonald’s. Let them sniff the air when I get my cooking groove on and see ’em drool (not to be condescending but, to let them know life and health comes at a price and that price starts while they’re still young). They all KNOW what’s right. They just don’t do it. But, I think a positive influence is good as they are NOT a bad bunch of guys. Only one person here, that moved in after me, seems to ignore cleaning up after himself. Believe me, I will address it. *wink*

  5. admin says:

    Update: the guy with the dog is being asked to pack up and move as a result of his actions and attitude at a house party last night. I hate to see the dog go, as does Paul (the main computer guy) but, his owner is a piece of crap.

  6. niyabinghi says:

    Let them sniff the air when I get my cooking groove on and see ’em drool

    Heh…you never know, when you’ll have an influence on someones life, and tweak their interest in cooking/eating well. 🙂

  7. niyabinghi says:

    Aw, hope you didn’t get too attached to the dog.

  8. admin says:

    Re: Let them sniff the air when I get my cooking groove on and see ’em drool

    Well, I do have an influence on the eating habits around here even if only marginal at the moment. I’ve heard on several occasions that somebody in the house, mostly Paul and Ken (from small town Kentucky) prefers to eat what I’m eating at that particular moment which smells better, looks better, for sure tastes better and, is healthier that what other food choice they might have.

    However, I’m still amazed that the floor has NOT been mopped up after the party. It’s almost midnight. I got up first thing this morning and cleaned the kitchen and have mentioned politely that they keep the place clean. So far, everybody understands AND enjoys a clean kitchen. Now, if that carries over…
    there was some cleaning today but, not REAL cleaning, if you know what I mean. Real cleaning means soap and a bucket of water, etc… 😉

    Don’t make me out to be a bad guy nor the house mother. I’ve lived alone since my first apartment in 1969. You should expect me to say something. You know, if I lived alone, I might (very positive I would) leave dirty dishes in the sink but, because I don’t live alone, I don’t leave dirty dishes in the sink. 🙂