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Their show, ‘Don’t Ask Don’t Tell’-, reflect on the dimensions of desire. Their photographs are produced throughout a choreographic “montage” of male action figures in sexual intercourse or exposing their genitals. These characters are set as heroes of an imaginary sexual quest or as performers of an Erotic Epic. The show is a journey into a prohibited territory where only few dare to step into. The show proposes candid photographs of transgender characters; they are in the role of queer dolls disrupting their status quo; iconic imagery of outsiders that reveal the dark side or the ‘hard side’ of male eroticism. [Catalogue essay, Mialgros Bello, Ph.D., Curator]

Guerra de la Paz (Alain Guerra and Neraldo De La Paz)
Joe Series
Blue Bird (left image)
Cheers (right image)

guerradelapaz_bluebird.jpg guerradelapaz_cheers.jpg

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  1. velvetink says:

    A lot has been done with Barbie dolls before, but this is interestingly different. The heads (at least on the 2nd one) seem to be a different material to the body? Were they specially cast or are they over the counter dolls?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I haven’t seen them yet. I was in the gallery but, these and other works were behind a privacy curtain that I thought was video. I’ll check back later. It looks like the body parts were pieced together.