Important Update

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Miami Art Exchange Visual Art DatabaseToday I want to announce that I have begun developing the Largest Database of Visual Art in Florida. Partly to archive what has come about and, partly because I want to position myself into a more important role in the developing region. This is a HUGE endeavour with the gathering of images and, the many hours of typing all the documentation for each artwork. If I really thought about what I’ve begun, I might just stop in my tracks but, I have more than a little idea of what I’m in for. Also, out of this part of my web project I’ve seen the work of two artists I hadn’t seen before.

I have images from over 100 hundred artists as of today, most of which I’ve had for a good while from my gallery openings work. Not all of the artists are located in Florida either. This is exciting and, I don’t have to do all the work with the link I’ve created. Previously documented works need me to find titles, media, etc., but the form has everything included for documenting work. Yes, I have been busy.

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