It’s GOOD to be busy.

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It is good to be busy. Finally, finally, things are moving in the direction I’ve been wanting for so long. My roommate has asked me to help him with some of his contractual paperwork. I don’t think anybody really cares to mess with that stuff. But, you know, teaching and education in general require lots of paperwork. That means I’ve got enough experience to not run a hide from doing it. Of course, I found lots of spelling and grammatical errors to be corrected.

On that same note, I’ve had to deal with my own contractual paperwork for Miami Art Exchange. I’m not selling artists works and need that. I’ve also been contacted so many times this year about art appraisals that it’s time for me to offer that service. I’m also offering secondary market works. Secondary market works are those that are not being bought from the artist but from a private individual. So, you own some art you want to sell. That’s where I come in.

That’s the new me. That’s the me that has been hesitant to pursue certain things but, again, with my roommates technical assistance, previous barriers have been removed. If he weren’t straight I’d kiss him on the lips. ;-))

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  1. naylandblake says:

    Congratulaitons on all the new developments! even in my recent absence from LJ I’ve noticed your absence and been wondering how everything is. I’m glad to see how exciting things are.

  2. admin says:

    Making a few dollars so far for the summer has been rewarding since the past few summers have put me in debt. I like working on the web and now that I have an opportunity to make it financially rewarding is a great bonus. At my roommates insistence I’m moving far away from the nickel and dime clients that I’ve had for so long. He and I are working on a $50K proposal plus, several in the $12K range. Although I may not be doing a lot of the primary web design, I do get paid. Like I said, the other guys don’t like doing to paperwork so, there’s plenty for me to do. Plus, I have several web design clients of my own including my recently completed redesign of (not even Steinbaum wanted to pay me full price but, she’s directed some other clients my way).