Military Show Offs

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I didn’t have to go far this week to enjoy myself. It was the weekend of the Air & Sea Show right down on the beach near where I now live. I rode my bike down there Saturday and happened upon an old friend who is a partner in a pedicab bicycle rickshaw. It’s a business that is deceiving for how much money can be made. Anyway, I know both partners and have known them at least nine years. The partner not present married the daugther of Wayne Huizuenga (owner of the Miami Dolphins) some years ago.

Anyway, I was on the bike all day Saturday. The ship images were made on Saturday at the beach. Good exercise but, today, Sunday, I needed to finish up work (calculating final semester grades and, writing a piece for I tried to take pics of the jets but, they were TOO fast for me to capture. I did get a few shots today from my back patio. If I had the nerve, which I don’t, I would have taken some pics of all the bare chested men I was gapping at. It would have been conspicuous doing with my friend anyway. So much for a busy weekend and a few new pics (finally, you say).

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  1. prom says:

    great shots!

    i like the first one, and especially the planes flying in formation.

    makes me proud to be an american. *sniff*


  2. admin says:

    Thank you for the compliment. Those jet pics weren’t easy to get.