My Back Deck

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I haven’t show any pics of my new residence but, this is my back deck. I live on one of the finger isles off downtown Ft. Lauderdale now. It’s a good place to be, quiet, nice neighbors, and comfy. I’m planning a summer potluck to happen in a couple weeks. This should be nice and an opportunity to put some art on the walls and maybe sell some (of mine or someone elses).

Yeah, I’m an art dealer now. I have contracts with artists and plan to sign a few more, mostly for Miami Art Exchange but, if another event pops up I’ll include them.

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  1. zhenzhi says:

    oh wow! great views! 🙂

  2. ruralrob says:

    Wow, that looks like a lovely spot!

  3. Right on the water! SCORE 🙂

  4. cbertsch says:

    That’s a pretty nice view. I’m glad that the move doesn’t seem to have been too disruptive.

  5. admin says:

    On the contrary, moving here has been the best thing that’s happened in a good while. Although I’m not actually part of the company, my roommate has given me clients and work. AND, has been more than a little supportive of Miami Art Exchange. That’s not only on the technical side but, has also tried to come up with ideas that can be developed through the site to help me make it work economically or, should I say, financially. 🙂

    He’s really interested in gaining a foothold in the art/museum/gallery website arena (with my help, of course). I was at a museum opening last week and ended up having an appointment with them about making their site function the way they want it to. Although it’s not a full redesign, we’re talking about something in the $9000-$12,000 range for a site that’s already up and working. We can do what they want and more. My roommate said afterwards that if he had realized the scale and status of the museum he might have bid a bit higher. But, ya gotta start somewhere. And, since I find the work, I get a cut of it no matter if I actually work on it or not.

  6. admin says:

    It’s a fantastic spot. The ocean is about 10 blocks down the street (not that I spend much time on any beach). 🙂

  7. cbertsch says:

    That’s wonderful. I guess having roommates has some upside!

  8. prom says:

    very nice digs for a very gentlemanly art dealer!

    keep strolling past decks with the camera, now. ;o)

  9. admin says:

    Yeah, I know what you wanna see! *wink*