Possible eye candy…

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The guy next door was out on his deck drinking coffee and sunning his legs Sunday morning. I’ve never seen him with his shirt off even though he was on the deck later in the day with his neighbor who was wearing shorts and flip-flops only. He’s got a handsome face. I have no idea what kind of work he does but he looks very hard hat. Nah, I bet he works on a boat. His hands don’t look rough enough. *wink*

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  1. prom says:

    ooh, yummmm…

    nice shot, handsome man!

    i kept thinking, move a little more to the right and underneath…


  2. admin says:

    Re: ooh, yummmm…

    Oh, you little devil! Actually, I had to be stealth since my roommate was sitting directly behind me and, had to go into the kitchen to take the pics. 😉

  3. prom says:

    Re: ooh, yummmm…

    what a naughty man you are!

    now, come and sit by me. *pats bench in hell*