What did I just type?

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I’ll be the first to admit I make many typos, both spelling and grammatical. I do check for errors most of the time. I’ve even gone back to correct mistakes. It seems blogging is wrought with errors, as if we shouldn’t think so with all the quick, unchecked posts from many that refuse to even open a book (dictionary).

Ancient English cliches and expressions are being mangled by the culture of cut and paste and the spread of unchecked writing on the internet. According to the Oxford English Corpus, a database of a billion words, dozens of traditional phrases are now more commonly misspelled than rendered correctly in written English.” The Guardian (UK) 05/01/06

When blogging first started to become a major online phenomenon, many bloggers were fond of claiming that the medium would lead a resurrection of interest in quality writing. It hasn’t happened, of course, as anyone skimming any of the millions of poorly written, grammatically atrocious journals can attest. “Of the 27 million or so “daily diaries” floating like space junk in the blogosphere, there are a handful that aren’t bad. Some are well written and insightful. But understand that we’re talking about a precious few needles in a mighty big haystack.” Wired 04/27/06

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  1. strongaxe says:

    “It has been said that a billion monkeys at typewriters could write the works of Shakespeare. The internet has sadly proven that this is not the case.”

    While one of those billions might produce Hamlet, the other 99.9999% will produce pure drivel.

    (Eek! I consider myself somewhat of a pedant when it comes to spelling, but out of 8 examples on that page, I commonly use 7 of them wrong.)

  2. admin says:

    Yes, I misuse some of them too. I guess it pays to have a dictionary close at hand. Misspellings on the computer and then searching for it is bad too.