As the Day Turns…

On June 13, 2006, Posted by , In Blog, With No Comments

Not in the soap opera sense but, the days are passing quickly as I do this and do that. Even though things are not like they would be if I had a fulltime job, income made per day of work, I like my opportunities to earn a living as they stand today. So, even though it seems I’ve been just doing small things they add up to something. Now, I’m in need of some intimate friendship.

Speaking of friends, I went to the county jail yesterday to visit someone I’ll leave unnamed. While sitting there a flood of emotion came over me and I almost burst out in tears. Why? I remembered my friend Richard that I visited more than a few times in jail. I’m not around anyone using drugs anymore but, that was Richard’s downfall. He’s also the man that made me realize that I was capable of love. I can’t think correctly right now… my eyes are watering up.

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