Copy, failure

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Seeing and having produced a good looking, efficient business card I thought I had gotten a good idea of what I wanted for new business cards. Well, I should have taken a few more days to figure out exactly what I need. What I got will do but, I got 5000 pieces. I know damn well I’ll never pass out that many business cards. I rarely get rid of a box of 500 before getting something different because of moving, change of phone, something.
businesscard_face.png businesscard_backv2.png
I should have used my postcard from last fall be my model and that’s what I did for the back in this unprinted version #2. Version #1 had only Miami Art Exchange in text and my name, email and, phone. Version #2 uses my logo. How stupid is it to NOT use my logo on my business cards??? Duh!

Next thing I order will be advertising postcards that I can drop off at the galleries and museums. I’ll think it through more clearly next time. I’ll probably use the business card size for that and get another 5000, only $120 including shipping.

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