Daily pics restarted

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I decided a few days ago to restart my daily selfpics. I have not keep it going by missing one day so far but, it has always been something to do whenever the notion strikes. I don’t like posing for the camera in this, or any other, case. But, that’s what I’ve been doing. I better do a better job of acting (that’s a better term for what I want) out my daily activities. I hope every picture won’t be me sitting at a computer.

My day starts off rather typically with breakfast. I love breakfast. Then I go about my tasks. Behind me is a whiteboard. This house is full of whiteboards. Two large ones in the living room, one large one in the kitchen, another large one at the top of the stairs, a smaller one in the office area, and one I brought with me from my old space. Mostly the ones in the living room get used while the others languish with text and notes of client work and leads.

Speaking of leads, another thing my roommate has helped me with is getting leads. He’s a very creative person and very smart. I like being around a person like him. He’s very generous and knows that his generosity will be returned. At least I return it to him but, I have to remember not to take it too far as it might seem like favoritism to the other roommates. However, I’m generous to everybody in this house too.

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