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albert 2005

After seeing and his pets I thought I would also show some cute animals. My neighbor that lives on our dock has a very friendly cat. The cat love chasing lizards and squirrels. In a few days I’ll be heading back up to Minnesota to visit my friend in his cabin. His dog will most certainly be there with us. Now that he’s a bit older he won’t be so frisky. I just wonder if he still begs with his whining and moaning like he used to. That’s my friend’s fault for allowing that and feeding the dog off the dinner table.

Living with other people has its drawbacks. Last night exposed one of them. The walls of this house are not insulated and sound-proofed. Many things can wake me in the middle of the night. Last night was my roommates voice fading in and out of hearing. By HIS time to go to bed, 3:30 am, I had to get up because I could not stay asleep. So, I don’t feel very good this morning. I wake up and 7 am. He/they sleep(s) in until 11 am. See the difference? *sigh*

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